Because it was so difficult for me to get people to go up Fraser’s Hill with me due to the lack of “entertainment” up there. A dead and boring place they call. As for me, Fraser’s Hill is The Perfect Place for me. Probably influenced by my Scoutleader Mr Wan throughout my scouting days. Reached there at 6.30am which means I left home at about 4.30am. Going the distance for the birdies. Heck, I could even oversleep on major exam day.:sweat: Took a quick 30 minutes nap in the car with the window slightly opened and I had the weirdest dream. So I dream that there was a boy and an adult, and the boy was calling me “stupid” and “idiot”. I tried to lift my eyelids open, but I just couldn’t. Then I woke up at 7am and the sky was brighter already. Actually, I don’t even know whether was it really a dream or.. reality. Sleep paralysis?? ANYWAY.. Grabbed my gear and off I went for birding.

Bronzed Drongo

The Gap (Lower Part)

I was first greeted by a Bronzed Drongo which perched at the same spot for quite a long time, constantly taking off and landing at the same area. With the lack of sunlight and my refusal of flash photography this was the best I could make with. It proved to be rather challenging birding at the gap as the birds were busy foraging among the foliage. A lot of the birds appeared for a very brief moment before flying away. A Chesnut-naped Forktail came out and flaunted it’s pretty forktail. It flew off as soon as I tried to focus it on the camera.

Date: 22nd June 2011
Time: 0710 – 0830
Location: The Gap (Lower part)
Weather: Cloudy

  1. Oriental Magpie Robin
  2. Bronzed Drongo
  3. Chestnut-naped Forktail
  4. Ochraceous Bulbul

I had to cut short my session there due to some “UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES”.:sweat:

Up In Frasers Hill

I’ll just skip the part where I was in Jalan Mager bumping up with Mr Durai along with two birders from Thailand and spotting a Large Niltava and Little Cuckoo-dove. Oops, I just mentioned the whole thing.:P

Jelai Highland Resort

Just to try my luck before going for lunch.

Lesser-Racket Tailed Drongo

Oriental Magpie Robin

Javan Cuckooshrike

Date: 22nd June 2011
Time: 1039 – 1100
Location: Jelai Highland Resort
Weather: Cloudy

  1. Oriental Magpie Robin
  2. Paciffic Swallow
  3. Lesser-Racket Tailed Drongo
  4. Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush
  5. Javan Cuckooshrike

Jalan Girdle aka Telekom Loop

A nice 3.6km loop going around the Telekom Towers is a popular birding spot for birdwatchers. Spent my afternoon birding at this loop and was rewarded with the longest bird list among all sessions.

Red Helen or Papilio Helenus

Something a little different in this blog?:P

Streaked Spiderhunter

Rufous-Browed Flycatcher

Black-Throated Sunbird

Date: 22nd June 2011
Time: 1538 – 1754
Location: Jalan Girdle (Telekom Loop)
Weather: Cloudy

  1. Oriental Magpie Robin
  2. Long Tailed Sibia
  3. Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush
  4. Silver-eared Mesia
  5. Streaked Spiderhunter
  6. Rufous-Browed Flycatcher
  7. Black-Throated Sunbird
  8. Red-headed Trogon
  9. Long-tailed Broadbill
  10. Mountain Fulvetta
  11. Lesser Racket-Tailed Drongo

Golden Babbler

Back to Jelai

To round up a fruitful day of birding. Bird activity was rather quiet up there and surprisingly there was not a single Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush present there. Not even the Silver-eared Mesia.

Managed to get a shot of this Golden Babbler which was actively hopping from 1 branch to the other.

Date: 22nd June 2011
Time: 1818 – 1842
Location: Jelai Highland Resort
Weather: Sunny

  1. Golden Babbler
  2. Streaked Spiderhunter
  3. Mountain Fulvetta
  4. Long-tailed Sibia

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